Corporate Life Insurance

Corporate Life Insurance

We pride ourselves on diagnostic excellence and strive to provide results of the highest accuracy and precision done within the requirements of the ASISA protocol and within the fastest turnaround times. Our professional, fully staffed helpdesk assists with all insurance related troubleshooting and queries. The staff are all highly skilled and are committed to supporting underwriting departments and financial advisers.

We have a dedicated email box for all insurance enquiries, like adding tests on existing blood samples. Our electronic SMS and email notification system efficiently enables financial advisers to track client visits and testing.

We link our external clients such as - Insurance Companies, underwriting departments, financial advisers, doctors, travel nurses as well as the client taking out life cover - with our internal labs and staff. This cooperation also provides us with valuable information to rate, improve and extend our service.

We assist with all troubleshooting, queries and enquiries related to blood testing, short medical examinations and crucial service that helps the life Insurance industry to grant life cover to their clients

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