clinical trials

clinical trials

Clinical trials are a vital form of research whereby studies are designed and performed to assess the effectiveness of medical, surgical, or behavioural intervention.

Clinical trials are important in proving drug effectiveness, for instance, proving that a new vaccine is not only safe for humans, but does prevent the disease it was designed to prevent.

In addition, clinical trials assess whether a new treatment is as effective, more or less effective than an existing treatment. It also assesses whether drugs have harmful side-effects.

In short, clinical trials exist to provide data to help pharmacists manufacture medication that is safe and effective for patients.

Ampath Clinical Trials (ACT) is a division within the Ampath Group which is South African based.

The ACT reference laboratory and its support systems are located in Pretoria, within easy access of the International Airport and other countrywide transport and communication infrastructures. We are supported by an extensive internal logistical support base to ensure proper turn-around-times.

Our laboratories are accredited by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) for compliance with ISO 15189 requirements, and we participate in proficiency testing to ensure high quality of results.

Our laboratories have been involved in Phase I, II, III and IV clinical studies since 1991 with exposure to both national and international sponsor and CRO audits.

Ampath has laboratories throughout South Africa and neighbouring states to offer our customers full coverage of the diverse demographic and geographic entities in our country. Contact details (should be on the website anyway but good to have it again,)

Izette Jansen van Rensburg

ACT Manager, Tel: +27 12 678 1375, Fax: +27 12 665 0665


Dr. Helene Rossouw

ACT Pathologist-in-Charge, Tel: +27 12 678 0698,


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